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  • Laboratory Reagents

Laboratory Division

The Laboratory Division offers a range of over 60,000 quality chemicals and reagents thereby providing the appropriate grade of product for all analytical requirements. Whether working in analytical testing, education, research, food and beverage or manufacturing you will find the product you need to suit your requirements.

The Chem-Supply brand covers a range of analytical and laboratory chemicals which include a comprehensive offering of popular dry chemicals, pH buffers, volumetric solutions and solvents.

Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of solvents, reagents and chemicals with industry leading brands such as Honeywell Fluka™, including the flagship Hydranal™ range, Honeywell Burdick & Jackson™ and Honeywell Riedel-de Haën™.

RCI Labscan offers an extensive range of acids, solvents and dry chemicals for analytical purposes.

Scharlau Brand Products

The Scharlau brand complements the Chem-Supply brand with an extensive product range that includes HPLC and GC Solvents, Karl Fischer reagents and reagents for AA and ICP testing. The range also includes microbiological media.

Tokyo Chemical Industry

TCI provides a range of over 30,000 products consisting primarily of organic chemicals used in fields of research such as glycobiology, synthetic organic chemistry, bioscience and analytical science.

ACROS Organics has a range of specialised products used primarily in universities and research organisations.

Chem-Supply is now offering the Decon range of well known laboratory detergents.

Precision Laboratories has a specialised range of non-bleeding strips for pH testing and specialty testing,that are used predominately in the environmental and education areas.

Reference Standards

If you require reference standards or pharmaceutical standards, Chem-Supply is able to provide you with products from USP, EP and BP for pharmaceutical testing along with your requirements for AA, ICP and other reference materials. We can obtain standards you need for environmental testing including PAH, pesticides and fuels.


Custom made testing and standard solutions

Custom made testing and standard solutions provide a consistent and more economical alternative to laboratories preparing their own stock solutions. If you would like to out-source this sort of work and change over to certified, compliant solutions that are hassle free, please contact one of our sales staff.

National Sales Team

Chem-Supply has a national team of experienced Account Managers who are able to look after your needs. You can reach your Account Manager as follows:

Email: sales@chemsupply.com.au

Extensive Laboratory Distribution Network

Chem-Supply products are also available via our extensive network of Distributors. To locate your preferred Distributor please check here:

Our list of Distributors