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Acros Organics

Acros Organics
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  • Pharmaceutical
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  • Medicinal
  • Specialist organic compounds for:
  • Analytical
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acids, bases, solvents (anhydrous, HPLC, NMR, spectroscopy), salts, chromatography, etc.

Building Blocks

amino acids, carbonyl, chiral, halogenated, heterocyclic, nitrogenous, sulfurous

Functional Reagents

boronic acids, ligands/catalysts, red-ox reagents, organometallics, protection & deprotection, chiral resolution reagents

Competitive Advantage:

Grades & products developed especially for organic work, complete with pack sizes to suit a range of requirements. Product Specifications, Certificates Of Analysis and MSDS's freely available online. Provide patented AcroSeal ® bottles for anhydrous solvents & reagents.


Acros has over 35 years experience, with manufacturing facilities in Europe as well as the USA - providing 18,000+ organic compounds.