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Our Chemistry.

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With science at the heart of our business, our aim is for our chemistry to deliver better results — for our customers, for our partners, and for our community — through the consistency of our products and the quality of our service.

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For over 30 years, ChemSupply Australia has provided our customers with the chemicals, reagents and ingredients they need to succeed.

Our business units — CSA Scientific, CSA Pathology and CSA Ingredients — are specialists in their own markets, which means that all our customers benefit from our expertise.

With quality-assured Australian manufacturing, logistics, and administration facilities, and a commitment to compliance and safety standards, ChemSupply Australia will deliver you better results.

ChemSupply Australia — experience our chemistry for yourself.

Our Business Units

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Our customers benefit from our passion and expertise in chemicals, and our aim to help them create a better scientific future.

Manufacturers work hard to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. That’s why our customers rely on us as a key ingredient in their production processes.

Leading pathology laboratories trust our brands — Australian Biostain, Kinetik and Amber Scientific — to supply diagnostic stains, buffers, reagents and fixatives that deliver accurate results every time.

What Drives Us

ChemSupply Australia is driven by our formula for success — Our Vision + Our Mission + Our Values + Our Pride in Science. This formula enables us to make a positive impact — for our clients, their customers, our partners and our community.

What drives us