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For three decades, Kinetik has led the way in the manufacture of biomedical stains and solutions for diagnostic applications in pathology and research.

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Premium components

With a focus on in vitro diagnostics – particularly in haematology and cytology – Kinetik’s outstanding track-record has been built on the perfect harmony of two premium components: Wright’s Giemsa stain and Sorensen’s buffer. Both are the pre-eminent products in their field, and together, they make the ideal pairing.

Our coveted Wright’s Giemsa stain is a particularly finicky stain to make, however our specialists have perfected the art of creating a uniform and reliable product. This is thanks to years of meticulous research and endless fine-tuning, resulting in the ideal combination of formulation and method.

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Specialty stains

Produced in Queensland, the Kinetik range of products also covers a selection of high-quality, ready-to-use specialty stains – made either to standard formulations or to meet customers’ precise requirements.

Kinetik stains are supplied in a variety of container sizes to suit individual laboratory requirements and, where applicable, may also be supplied in cost-effective, concentrated form.

Laboratories large and small trust CSA Pathology brands for the reliable supply of pathology stains, fixatives, reagents, buffers and ancillary products.

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