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What Drives Us

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ChemSupply Australia is driven by our formula for success — Our Vision + Our Mission + Our Values + Our Pride in Science. This formula enables us to make a positive impact — for our clients, their customers, our partners and our community.

Our Formula for Success

Our Vision

Our chemistry delivers you better results

At ChemSupply Australia, our vision focuses on delivering better results. 

Our clients trust our chemicals to help them create better products, deliver better health outcomes, conduct better experiments, and analyse for better results.

That’s why we’ve built our business vision around this core ambition — because we’re passionate about contributing to our clients’ success.

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Our Mission

To be the best supplier of chemicals, reagents and ingredients

We will achieve our vision by carrying out our mission to be the best supplier of chemicals, reagents and ingredients. 

Our mission goals are to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and that we serve our customers consistently well so that they’re ready to achieve their objectives.

Our Values

Better together, you can count on us doing the right thing, now and into the future.

Every day, we strive to bring our values to life. Through collaboration, we work hard, responsibly, and safely, to do the best we can to realise our vision and mission. 

We also believe that efficiency and continuous improvement will support our sustainability, and by thinking and acting ethically, we do our part towards creating a better community.

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Our Pride in Science

We’re proud to be part of the scientific community

We believe that understanding chemicals is fundamental to our world — and the application of science is central to what we do.

That’s why ChemSupply Australia is proud to be part of the scientific community — because we know that our chemistry products help others learn, test and create. 

We get real satisfaction knowing that our products benefit people — now, and into the future.