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By chemists.
For chemists.

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Precision-made standards and reagents
delivering trusted performance

Australian Chemical Reagents (ACR) is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of chemical standards and reagents formulated for use within laboratories and key industries.

We make reagents, so you don’t have to!

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ACR products meet the exacting requirements demanded by chemists for analytical reagents. 

Prepared by chemists for chemists, and using carefully calibrated and precise production processes, our ready-made formulations are safely and conveniently packaged for use and reuse in calibration and analysis.

ACR products are manufactured in Australia, which means they are available when you need them. It also means we’re able to underpin the quality, consistency and reliability of our reagents with convenience and value.

The performance of our chemical reagents is documented at every stage to the highest standard. We provide certificates of analysis along with temperature calibration tables and guidance on the shelf life of each product to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.

ACR can trace its history back to the 1950s. The business built a leading reputation by its commitment to exact formulations and the consistency of its high-quality products that deliver trust and confidence in use. 

ACR became part of ChemSupply Australia in 2016 and is now a brand of CSA Scientific — a ChemSupply Australia business unit. It benefits from ChemSupply Australia’s size, financial strength, commitment to investment, and sophisticated, quality-accredited manufacturing processes.

ACR — Made by chemists. For chemists.

Australian made

local production means our products are available when you need them

Precise formulations

absolute accuracy maximises the reliability of our range

Exacting production

quality manufacturing ensures excellence consistently

Reliability and safety

products that fully comply with Australian requirements and regulations

Trust and confidence

prepared by chemists for chemists using proven techniques

Readymade convenience

safely and conveniently packaged for use in calibration and analysis

Outstanding quality

made by a business with chemistry at its heart — we make reagents, so you don’t have to

Leading reputation

meeting the needs of laboratories and businesses for over 60 years

Our product range includes

  • Elemental standards of high purity for use with ICP, AAS and IC analytical techniques
  • Custom-made multi-element standards
  • Volumetric standard solutions for laboratory analysis
  • Standard pH Buffer solutions for electrochemical pH determinations — range extends from pH 1 to pH 13
  • Standard Conductivity solutions for calibrating conductivity instruments
  • Standard Turbidity solutions for calibrating turbidity instruments
  • Oxidation / Reduction Potential standards for ORP analysis
  • Custom-made reagents for a variety of analytical applications including on-line analysers

Safety Data Sheets

Access our online library of safety data sheets available for download. These sheets will help you perform your critical work – efficiently, effectively and accurately.

Every day, laboratory professionals rely on CSA Scientific’s ChemSupply and ACR chemicals and reagents — whether they’re testing, researching or learning — to equip them with a trusted formula for success.

The proven quality and capabilities of our analytical and laboratory reagents ensures our customers can achieve the most accurate results — consistently and reliably.

Experience. Better Chemistry.