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Amber Scientific is an essential brand in helping busy laboratories deliver reliable results across a wide range of diagnoses.

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A mainstay of Australian pathology

Amber Scientific has a reputation for helping busy laboratories across a wide range of haematology, histology and microbiology diagnoses.

We’ve been a mainstay of the Australian pathology industry for over thirty years, thanks to our range of convenient, dependable, cost-effective reagents supplied in-solution, ready for use in automated instrumentation and diagnostic procedures.

Initially created to take the time, expense, guesswork, risk and variability out of in-house IVD stains and reagents, we have become an essential brand in pathology

Reliability and value for money

Our high-performance solutions – including that workhorse’ of Australian pathology: phosphate buffered saline – are regarded throughout the sector for their reliability and value for money.

This reputation has not been achieved through chance. The team behind the Amber Scientific range are custodians of decades of experience and proprietary knowledge into how to achieve the very best results.


Our team understands that crafting a quality reagent is more than simply adding a list of ingredients to a solvent base. Instead, they focus on the importance of order, method, speed, temperature and process, in delivering consistency, reproducibility, performance and shelf-life.

Amber reagents offer intelligent, reliable solutions to meet the demands of modern pathology and diagnostics.

Laboratories large and small trust CSA Pathology brands for the reliable supply of pathology stains, fixatives, reagents, buffers and ancillary products.

Experience. Better Results.