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For more than thirty years, Australian Biostain has forged an enviable reputation for the quality of our customised and standardised stains, buffers, reagents, fixatives and ancillary products.

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A trusted brand

As one of the most trusted brands in our field, Australian Biostain offers a range of Class‑2 IVD registered and ISO 13485 certified products, specially designed to add efficiency, dependability and consistency to laboratories – particularly those that are relying more and more on automation.

Through pioneering efforts and exacting standards, Australian Biostain has become synonymous in Australia with the high-quality hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E stain), and stable, long-lasting, ready-to-use neutral buffered formalin.

Australian Biostain Products

Our range includes stains, dyes, solvents, buffers, reagents, fixatives and ancillary products. The following are a range of featured products.

H&E stain

Our H&E stain is crafted with the same care and attention to detail that a winemaker instils in their finest vintage – and the analogy is no coincidence. Hematoxylin is sourced from selected logwood trees and, being a natural product just like wine grapes, is subject to the whims of weather, soil conditions and harvest. Like master vignerons however, our scientists are experts at extracting the ideal characteristics from every batch to ensure consistency and quality. We even age’ it, so it reaches our customers in optimal condition.

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Neutral buffered formalin

Australian Biostain’s proprietary neutral buffered formalin is carefully crafted to meet even the most demanding of needs.

Fully optimised and pH controlled, it is manufactured to provide the best in tissue preservation, morphology and antigen integrity. We achieve this by first importing only top-quality formalin containing the optimal level of preservative to minimise the precipitation of unwanted paraformaldehyde.

A proprietary buffering formula – the exact details of which are known only to a handful of the CSA Pathology team – is then added to stabilise the formalin and standardise the pH.

This painstaking process creates a robust, dependable fixative that performs superbly in Australian conditions and boasts a nominated shelf-life of five years.

Masson Trichrome Stain


To complement our NBF, a x5 concentrate – Confix™ has been perfected specially for laboratories with limited space, featuring coloured dyes to indicate pH and guarantee performance.


In 1999, the Histopot™ was born, adding to our ever-growing product range. Today, these pre-filled biopsy jars have become a staple item in histology departments across the country. Histopots are available in 25, 70 and 250mL sizes and shrink-wrapped into pocketed trays to ensure they arrive in the very best condition.


Staining solutions and kits

Thanks to our Class‑2 IVD registration, we are authorised to manufacture staining solutions for specific purposes – either individually or as a kit – including Gram’s, Kleihauer, Ziehl-Neelsen and B5 Fixative, as well as an array of highly specialised kits, all produced locally to ensure quality, supply and convenience.

Across the entire Australian Biostain range, we are committed to providing safer, easy-to-use, consistent and cost-effective solutions that provide confidence and peace-of-mind to pathology specialists, technicians and, importantly, health professionals and their patients.

Laboratories large and small trust CSA Pathology brands for the reliable supply of pathology stains, fixatives, reagents, buffers and ancillary products.

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