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In the mid 2010s, ChemSupply Australia embarked on a strategic acquisitions program bringing trusted brands Australian Biostain, Kinetik and Amber Scientific into the fold, under the one banner – CSA Pathology .

These brands have enhanced service and supply capabilities, while at the same time helping to safeguard Australia’s valuable local knowledge and skill in the manufacture and provision of reliable pathology stains, fixatives, reagents and buffers.

CSA Pathology
ChemSupply Australia embarks on its growth into pathology diagnostic solutions with the purchase of Kinetik, which included its process for the challenging Wright’s Giemsa stain
ChemSupply Australia purchases Australian BioStain – a brand that has become synonymous with reliable H&E stains using carefully formulated hematoxylin, and its robust, industry-leading neutral buffered formalin
Acquisition of Perth-based Amber Scientific – widely regarded as a workhorse of Australian pathology diagnostics
ChemSupply Australia formally establishes the dedicated business unit: CSA Pathology
CSA Pathology trademark registered

Today, CSA Pathology’s success is built on decades of proven innovation and expertise, with each of its brands offering unique technologies and products that play an essential role in the provision of reliable pathology services across the country.

Australian Biostain
Australian Biostain founded in Traralgon Victoria by Michael and Jenny Rentsch after creating their own reliable concentrated formalin, and answering a demand to fill a supply gap for May-Grunwald stain powder
Research and development leads to advances in formalin-based fixatives and pathology stains, leading to the launch of the proprietary Confix brand – a robust, industry-leading neutral buffered formalin
Australian Biostain branches out to include haematoxylin tissue stains, and hones the manufacturing of high-quality haematoxylin from natural logwood
Confix trademark is registered in Australia
Histopots launched to market, providing a safer, more consistent and more convenient diagnostic solution for clinicians and pathology laboratories
Australian Biostain achieves TGA IVD Class 1 and Class 2 accreditation, and ISO 13485 certification
ChemSupply Australia adds to its brand portfolio with the purchase of Australian Biostain
The new look and positioning for Australian Biostain is launched into the market
Kemtech established
Panbio purchases Kemtech and rebrands as Kinetik
Kinetik changes owners and builds a reputation in Queensland and across Australia, as a specialist researcher and manufacturer of diagnostic stains and solutions
Kinetik continues to fine tune the production of the finicky Wright’s Giemsa stain under the watchful eye of Andrew Patty, and establishes itself as the market leader in Australia.
ChemSupply Australia acquires Kinetik
Amber Scientific
Founded in Western Australia, by scientist Michael Weerts
Customer base grows from small, private labs purchasing biochemistry reagents to include large hospitals seeking prepared stains for use in haematology, histopathology and microbiology
Establishes a reputation for reliability and convenience, making it a staple in Australia’s pathology industry
ChemSupply Australia acquires Amber Scientific