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Better Chemistry.

Our customers benefit from our passion for and expertise in chemicals, and our ongoing mission to help them create a better scientific future.

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Every day, laboratory professionals rely on CSA Scientific’s ChemSupply chemicals — whether they’re testing, researching or learning — to equip them with a trusted formula for success.

The proven quality and capabilities of our analytical and laboratory reagents ensures our customers can achieve the most accurate results — consistently and reliably.

And, because we manufacture here in Australia, as well as import the best products from around the world, we’re able to meet their needs quickly and safely, and in full compliance with Australian regulations.

CSA Scientific — experience better chemistry for yourself.

Better Chemistry.

CSA Scientific’s reputation has been built on our ability to ensure that ChemSupply products perform effectively, safely and consistently.

With better products, we’re able to meet the needs of our customers across a diverse spectrum of professions and industries, and enable them to achieve their priority objectives — every time.

Made by chemists.
For chemists.

Australian Chemical Reagents (ACR) is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of chemical reagents formulated for use within laboratories and key industries.

Prepared by chemists for chemists, and using carefully calibrated and precise production processes, our ready-made formulations are safely and conveniently packaged for use and reuse in calibration and analysis.


We have a comprehensive network with authorised distributors in every Australian state, in New Zealand, and across Asia. Our commitment to distribution means it’s easy for you to access ChemSupply products and those produced by our trusted partner manufacturers.

Our partner brands

CSA Scientific works closely with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to complement our core range of chemicals. Fully tested and certified to the most stringent quality standards, our trusted partner brands ensure that we’re able to offer a comprehensive portfolio to meet every application.