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Company Vision

Our company holds a special position in the Australian chemical market and is defined by its unique ability to service customers’ needs for both their production and laboratory requirements. Our goal is to be a valued and respected supply partner of niche specialty production chemicals, and to be recognized as the largest supplier of laboratory reagents in Australia.

We have a clear purpose – to deliver a standard of excellence in all that we do. To achieve this, we are committed to building a disciplined and supportive culture with a business etiquette that encourages and empowers every member of staff.

Our business philosophy is to develop exceptional customer relationships, which are underpinned by our non-negotiable core values of trust, excellence and solutions.

Mutual respect is essential to the fabric that is Chem-Supply. It must be embraced within our company, as well as demonstrated to our clients and principals. Our people should impart loyalty, professionalism and integrity, with an attitude that is both responsible and positive.

All of these values have a foundation in trust. It is our belief the ultimate compliment our customers can give us is their trust.

Chem-Supply has a strong sense of community. We therefore feel compelled to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Accordingly, we direct a percentage of our earnings to support sustainable aid programs and charities.