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CSA Pathology brands Australian Biostain, Kinetik and Amber Scientific, combine the best in manufacturing, development and quality assurance to deliver confidence, innovation, value and capacity to Australia’s growing pathology sector.

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Protecting and nurturing our quality brands

Laboratories large and small trust CSA Pathology brands for the reliable supply of pathology stains, fixatives, reagents, buffers and ancillary products.

These brands cover the full gamut of routine pathology requirements in histology, haematology, cytology and microbiology. A combination of inherited and developed expertise allows us to create standard and customised products, many of which are based on our own proprietary formulations. 

Our three dynamic brands

These highly respected brands sit at the very heart of CSA Pathology, where our skilled scientists and technical specialists are proud to be the active custodians of their collective knowledge, ingenuity and expertise, and in turn, help secure the future of routine pathology in Australia.

Our flagship brand, Australian Biostain has an enviable reputation for the quality of its customised and standardised stains, buffers, reagents, fixatives and ancillary products.

The brand has become synonymous with reliable H&E stains – using carefully formulated hematoxylin – and its robust, industry-leading neutral buffered formalin.

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The widely-respected Kinetik brand leads the way in the manufacture of biomedical stains and solutions for diagnostic applications in pathology and research.

Kinetik has mastered the manufacture of the highly complex Wright’s Giemsa stain, which is perfectly complemented by our specially formulated Sorensen’s buffer.

Amber Scientific is the go-to brand for components essential in delivering reliable diagnostics, helping busy laboratories across a wide range of haematology, histology and microbiology diagnoses.

Many of its products are regarded as the workhorses’ of the pathology laboratory, providing reliability, consistency and value for money.

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Our history

In the mid 2010s, ChemSupply Australia embarked on a strategic acquisitions program bringing trusted brands Australian Biostain, Kinetik and Amber Scientific into the fold, under the one banner – CSA Pathology .